Saturday, January 29, 2011

When Life Gives you Lemons...

Make a diaper with it anyway!

Yesterday I decide to sew up the dino dudes diaper cut that I had purchased off of etsy. A very cute Michael Miller print. I was a little bummed when I received it(my fault totally) because I didn't realize I was buying a woven PUL. I like my pul a little stretchier. Anyhoo, I decided to cut it out anyway, carefully placing my pattern, paying attention to which dino was on the front and how the tabs would look. One of the colors matched my favorite microfleece, so I was even more excited, because it washes up so well and feels just heavenly(well I would imagine it does, it's not on my bum!).

Tristan was in a good mood, he was beside me in his bouncy seat just a playing and laughing. Start putting snaps across the front of my diaper, almost done with them, going well and what? could it be??? how did I??? Attach the snaps through all layers of the diaper???? Surely not! Oh, yes, that was exactly what I did.

No fear, no crying(not at this point), I just cut out another microfleece for the inside and decide this will be a night time diaper, very fluffy!

Sit down at the sewing machine, start sewing, everything is going beautifully, remember to leave a turning spot open, yep, check! We are singing Hello, Goodbye(Tristan's very favorite Beatles song!), we are both in a great mood, go to turn out the diaper and what? could it be?? how did I??? Sew the fleece to the wrong side! Making it impossible to turn out unless I want my beautiful Dino Dude pul on the inside of the diaper!!!!!

So, what do I do? What does every good seamstress do at this point? I cry! I throw a fit! I show my rear you know what!! I'm afraid I said things that no babe should here at this time in their little lives! It was bad. Yes, I am embarassed looking back.

Did I stop? Did I throw in the towel and walk away?? NOOOO! I got back onto my saddle(my sewing bench) and I decided to pull out some of the stitches, so I could get elastic into the diaper and serge it instead of turning it. Does this thrill me? Why no, because there is nothing more I detest when sewing diapers than to sew in elastic in the blind! I am NOT good at it, not one bit! And once again I threw a fit! But finally, after a few fits and crying jags, I did it! The elastic was in! Not even, mind you, but in, so that maybe it would contain poop!

Thankfully serging went well without any incident because by this point my little Tristan was tired of looking at me and hearing me cry!

So here it is. My diaper that almost wasn't, maybe wasn't meant to be, but just is! And wow can it hold some serious pee! No leaks either!!

Here is another diaper I made this morning. Not quite as exciting, but I did use the new Ottobre diaper pattern for it. Not sure that I like it, seems a little too fat in some places and not fat enough in other places. The outside is retro car PUL, with a hidden layer of cotton velour and the inside is microfleece. The soaker consists of 2 layers of bamboo fleece and topper of fleece, which when folded over give you 6 hefty layers. Tristan is sleeping now, so I will have to let you know how it goes. But judging by the thickness of his diapered bum it looked like it would hold pee for a week without needing a change(well not quite that long, but close)! We will see!

Happy Saturday!!

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