Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mosaic Moon Diapers, My Favorite!

I posted last night about mosaic moon diapers. I had never heard of the pattern until a mama over on sewingmamas had it up for sale. I googled it and it seemed like I should give it a go, so I bought it. Boy am I glad that I did. I think it is my favorite diaper pattern so far and very easy to put together. Here is the link for the pattern in case you want to give it a go.

I did change up a few things to make it better fit my style of diapering. First off, I made the back tabs a little bit longer, my guy is a chunker in case you hadn't noticed! I kept the same width throughout the rise of the diaper, but cut my inner suedecloth more narrow to allow the fabric to roll in. And lastly I added snaps in the rise of the diaper.

The first one that I did was a fitted and requires a cover. I don't know why I continue to make these. I love the fit of this one, but I like to be able to put Tristan in normal baby clothes without a cover most of the time. But for my first one it turned out great and the fit was fabulous!

Then I did a few more, PUL for the outside layer, hidden layer of fleece and the inside suedecloth. I did lay in shaped soakers, the top layer matching suedecloth, then a few layers of velour and the bottom of fleece. They work great! I have had only 1 leak in the 2 weeks that we have worn them AND it was overnight, with Tristan setting a record breaker for us, 9 hours of straight uninterrupted sleep! Love that, didn't mind the leak!

Here are a couple of pics. Ending with my little chunker! He was extremely happy the day I took this picture! Can you believe my baby boy came into the world at 5 lb 5 oz and weighed 15 lb 12 oz at his 4 month checkup! What a difference a little time has made! What can I say I grow em big!

Hope your first day of 2011 was as great as mine was!


  1. Your boy is just too cute! He looks so happy and snuggly. Love the dipes too!

  2. Thank you he is super snuggly! He still has colic pretty bad, so the smiles are few and far between right now. I treasure the ones that I capture!