Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick Post, The Stash Game is On!!!

Just a quickie today. I wanted to show that I followed through and not only did I get my sewing studio in tip top shape, I also sold about 20-30 yds of fabric from my stash!! Yeah!! It hardly put a dent in my HUGE tubberware container in the garage though.

AND stash game starts today!! Over on sewingmamas, we like to try and see how much we can sew from our stash without buying anything during the month of February. I have played before, but never finished out the month. Something always got in the way! This month I am making it my personal goal to follow through and at least post my points. I can't wait to get started!!

I did sew some this weekend! I finished 2 katrina soakers that needed to be sewn up. Tristan really needed them too! Unfortunately the argyle one,my favorite, is too small. Luckily I have more of that one! I also got around to sewing the Jethro romper from Ottobre. I love how it looks on my little man, the fit was great, BUT did not like putting it together. I am working on modifying the pattern today and I will post the finished product this week with more details on the pros/cons of this pattern.

OK I am off and running to my cutting table!! Happy February everyone!! I can't believe January is already behind us!

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