Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Robots for Tristan!

I promised myself that this would be the year to stop hoarding all of the hard to find prints and actually sew them up! What good is buying them if you don't ever use them?? They do make great eye candy on my shelves, but Tristan is so much cuter and will only be this young once! He turned 20 weeks today!

So yesterday I cut into my small piece of robot french terry from Japan. I have to admit that when I received this fabric, I was slightly dissappointed. What I thought was orange turned out to be kind of melon colored and the purple was a little much for me. So I decided to take away from those and used a beautiful turquoise velour for the main print and a green anti pill fleece for accents.

Now for the pattern, I chose 2 new ones that I had marked from Ottobre 3/2004, the autumn issue. IF I were closer to Finland, this is one of the times where I would have knocked on their door and said HELLO, did anyone test this patterN?????? I LOVE Ottobre, but this time they were way off the mark.

The pants are the sweatpants #3. I chose to go with sz 68, but wish I had stuck with a 62 instead. Tristan is right now about 17 lbs, but only about 24" in height. These were way wide, but the other measurements didn't seem too far off. I just trimmed the legs down some before putting them together. Went together fairly easy.

The sweater was #5 and can we say, I think it was meant to fit a really BIG kid! The width was WAY off, the length would have barely covered his tummy. So I kept the width, but added a big band at the bottom to bring the shirt in more. The sleeves I cut shorter, but still they are too long and must be rolled up.

I think I will sew the pants again, they turned out cute. I will just trim the pattern down some. The sweater tracing is going in the garbage. I wouldn't want to waste any fabric on this one again. For now, it's cute on. It would be great for those that need to layer clothing on their baby during the winter.

And here is a picture of my latest moon diaper. Robot pul, fleece hidden, suedecloth inner. Love these!


  1. That is one cute outfit, I love the matching diaper too! Beautiful!

  2. Thank you! At first I was afraid it was too bright for my little guy, but once it was on I liked it even more!