Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Little Rainbow Monster!

Finished my 3rd knitting project, Tristan's monsterbum longies! I just love how these turned out! I am not close to perfect yet, probably won't ever be, but I am really starting to learn things now! I can now tell the difference between stitches and can now find a dropped stitch! I have tried a few different stitches each time and now can proudly say I learned the bamboo stitch this go around and how to fix the jog on my rounds in my stripes. Didn't learn that until the end though, so we will see how great it works on my next pair!
Made a little tee to match yesterday and put the set on my baby boy this morning. It was the perfect day to wear it, because his little personality today has me running for the hills! He is really into everything now, and is running everywhere, no walking here! Definitely a monster in training today! But I love him anyway!!
I am so glad that I stayed with knitting and didn't give up! It really is so much fun! If you want to learn, please just google knitting tips and watch you tube! It really isn't all that hard to pick up and the outcome is so pretty!!