Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Martians Have Landed and a Simple Tute!

The Munki Martians that is! I had a pajama top that I decided really needed to be a pair of shorts for Tristan. I decided to try out the "aqua" shorts from the 3/2008 ottobre and see what I thought. Overall they are a pretty good fit, I think the next time I would add a tiny bit of rise and maybe give a little on the sides. Cloth diapers can sometimes make the fit of these patterns a little tricky! Tristan is a little over 18 lbs and I traced out a 68 adding seam allowance.

So on to my little, very simple tutorial! I love adding embroideries and appliques to boys clothing. It turns something simple into something very creative and fun to wear! One of my favorite things to do is what I call a "sketch" embroidery. It's freehand and your imagination(and your drawing skills) are your only limitations!

I start off by cutting out the tee front and creasing it down the middle so that I can center the design. Then I cut off a square off iron on stabilizer big enough for the design that I want.
NOTE HERE: I am using this outfit for our own personal clothing. IF I were making this to sell, I would not copy the artwork like I have here. I would sketch out a totally different looking spaceship or better yet a rocket!

Next, sketch out the design that you would like to stitch on the non-shiny side of the paper. It has a rougher feel, you don't want the smooth, slicker side.
Center your design and iron the paper down to your tee on the front side.

Now you are going to go right over your lines with your sewing machine and a straight stitch. For the length, don't make it too long, you don't want the paper not to come off easily. The most important thing make sure you backtack when you start and stop your stitches. The more you do this the better you will get, however, I think imperfections give the tee more character!
When you are finished will all of your stitching, CAREFULLY peel off your paper and you are done!! If you have little tiny bits stuck in the stitches, I wouldn't worry, they normally come off in the first wash!

Now finish up your tee and put it on! I think it turned out pretty cute. Besides the fact that I decided that FOE would make a great collar and sleeve edge! Why would I think it would be quicker than just sewing on cuffs?? It's not, trust me, but it's not a bad look for a baby!

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