Sunday, July 31, 2011

Custom Owl Layette Set





This little set is all finished and on its way to a new home! I hope the momma will enjoy putting her new little one to be in this darling layette.
I think this owl print is one of my favorites in a long time. I just love the colors and they are perfect for a fall baby!!
Now off to my sewing machines!! I have something really cool happening on Monday! It has been top secret for months now and I can't wait to share it on Monday will all the cloth diaper mommas!! Stay tuned, pics to follow!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Sweetest Set!

Oh I am in love!! With owls, and wool shorties!! No way, I didn't knit these, I can only dream of having those kind of skills! Elizabeth over at Lizards Landing on etsy did these as a custom for Tristan.

I can not wait to get more! We love them and the fit is perfect. Her customer service is awesome and she is just all around sweet!!

These were not off the mail truck for 5 minutes before I had tackled my fabric stash for matching knits. I settled on a lap tee from the summer 2011 issue of Ottobre and a fitted knit diaper.
Love it! Can't wait to show my family this Saturday at my Grandfather's 82 birthday and my uncles 60th!

Happy sewing mommas!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rooooaaarrr! Dino Dude Custom Romper!

1 out of 4 sets finished for an etsy customer! I love this set and can't wait to make Tristan one just like it! This one is for a newborn, not yet born! Now off to bed, lots of sewing left to do in the morning!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Long Boring Process!

I am so tired of these little tiny pictures that blogger allows me to post! I googled around this morning and found the solution, but it will take a little while to edit all of my posts.

All new posts will have bigger pictures, and the old ones, well I will work on those a little at a time.

If you are having the same dilemma you can google how to get bigger pictures in your blogger and find some helpful posts. It involves replacing some html, hosting your pictures somewhere like flickr and a little more time, but I think well worth it!

It's a Gymboree Blanket, oops, no it's a Romper!

I have made tees from Gymboree blankets before, but turning them into rompers has me on the lookout for more cute blankets!! I even seriously considered purchasing some boutique really expensive blankets, just so I could cut them up into rompers(I restrained myself, or rather my buy it now finger!).

Super cute and very easy to do. I just love the way they turn out each time!! I have a couple more that I hope to get sewn up in the next week or so.

Here is the octopus one that I showed the other day for Tristan's first trip to the beach. He loved the water AND the sand!! I had fogotten how much fun it was trying to keep a baby from eating sand at the beach!!

1stBeachtrip-11 months-1

 Some sandy baby toes, cause I just can't help but think they are the cutest!


And the little airplane romper! I even matched it with cute little engraved airplane snaps!

Airplane Romper



Tristan is wearing his first pair of real shoes in this one! I have to hide them from him. They are squeakers and even though he can't walk yet, he will bounce up and down just to hear them squeak!! They were his dad's idea!

Tristan 11 months-2

Tristan 11 months-1

Hope everyone has a Happy Sunday!! Hubby is off today and has promised me hours of uninterrupted sewing time, yeah!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pretty Pure Infiniti Diaper Pattern

Okay, so some mamas at diaper divas were talking about a pattern that they couldn't find anymore. I was intrigued! Thankfully after some investigating another mama found some info and contacted the pattern's designer. One email later, and a little paypal and I had the pdf in my inbox!! Love the internet!

Really cool pattern! It consists of just one layer of pul and then 2 layers of a wicking material, I used suedecloth. You sew in your soaker between the layers of suedecloth, I used 2 layers of bamboo fleece and 4 or 5 of cotton terry cloth. The foe binds the entire diaper and on the inside acts as a gusset for the inner layer. The pattern calls for a snap on the front of the soaker, but I decided to sew mine in. I love the concept and think I will be making more of these soon!

The embroidery is from urban threads and it stitched out beautifully. I can't wait to start another diaper, but for now I must be a chef and cook some dinner for the kids. I can't believe they want to eat again!

Happy sewing!!







Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rocket Bottoms Diapers

I had the pleasure of trying out a diaper system over at sewing divas for Rocket Bottoms diapers. The pattern contains a 2 step system, 1 size for smaller babies newborn to 20 lbs and then another step for larger babies 20 to 40 lbs. Tristan was a little less than 20 lbs when I tried it out, so I went with the step 1.

I have made 3 of these so far, with plans of more soon! They fit Tristan great and they are super easy to sew up! I hadn't used foe(fold over elastic) before this, and it was pretty easy. I also had never used a pocket diaper, but found it to be pretty simple to sew and to stuff!

For the 1st 2 diapers I used foe, touchtape(hook/loop), pul outers, fleece hidden and microchamois inners. The system includes directions for snaps to adjust the rise, but because Tristan was on the high end of the weight chart I left those off. I have seen pictures on newborns though, and they seem to fit really well with the snaps and touchtape!

Here is the first attempt, turned out very usable and I still use it now!



 And the 2nd one. I didn't have a lot of my skull pul so I just put embellished tabs on this one! One of my favorites!


 For the last one I decided to try snaps instead of the touchtape and the fit was still great! I also made it an ai2 with a lay in countoured soaker. Added a sleeveless lap tee from the most recent summer issue of Ottobre. I love elephants!!



You can find the rocket bottoms pdf pattern on etsy and hyenacart! Krista has also came out with a one size fitted and has another pattern in the works!

Now off to sew!! I just received new beautiful interlocks in the mail yesterday, they are washed up and ready to go! Woohoo can't wait!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sew Many Rompers! So Little Time!

I'm not sure exactly how long a baby can get away with wearing rompers. I have tried to remember how long Noah, our 8 yr old wore them. I think maybe at the age of 2, but not after 3?

Anyway, I plan on putting Tristan in them for as long as possible! I just adore them. So comfy and cute! I am definitely on a romper kick lately. He doesn't have much but rompers I'm afraid. I reach for them as soon as they are clean and when I go to sew, that is usually what I choose to make.

Here is Tristan at 7 months old in a romper that I attempted. It turned out a little big, but totally wearable. He still wears this one at 11 months old!
Tristan 7 months old-1
                        The other day I did another Jetro romper for him from my favorite punky fabric. I think I showed this one, but I love it so much here it is again!

      Skull Romper 10.75m-3
Then I made an alien romper like the vintage car one. I made some slight modifications to it and it fits better than the other one did.
Alien Romper
Tristan-alien romper almost 11 months-1

Next, I decided to make it longer and used a knit that I purchased from spoonflower. (Brief intermission here: The knit is so incredibly soft, the knit was really expensive, the knit washed out horribly the first wash, Spoonflowers customer service was excellent,I would not hesitate to order from them again, but probably not knit).
Robot Romper

Robot Romper-3 days shy of 11m-1>
Then tonight I put together a shorts romper from a gymboree blanket that I have been saving. We are going to the beach tomorrow and it will be the first time for Tristan! I love this one and can't wait to put it on him tomorrow!
Octopus Romper

Have a great Sunday!!! Happy sewing!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ankle Biter Pants and a Tee!

Every once and a while I get the urge to browse the PDF's on etsy. I don't usually buy too many, well except diaper patterns! The other day I came across the ankle biter PDF by Georgia Leigh Designs. Yes, I probably have a pants pattern traced out around here somewhere, but her pictures were just so cute I couldn't resist. I'm glad I didn't. Super cute pattern and fit Tristan very nicely.

I made him the 9 months size because he is a little shorty and they fit him just right! I decided to use my favorite flannel from Nancy Wolff and even added a tee to match. The tee is the signs tee from an older ottobre issue. Here is the link in case you want a looksie at the pattern!

And here is my baby boy in his new duds!! Thanks for peeking at my blog, now off to sew up some more rompers! Still working on perfecting my raglan romper!!

Ankle Biter Set almost 11 months

Ankle Biter set almost 11 months-2

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Snap It Up Baby Sack Gown Pattern

Finally My Pattern!

It has taken me about a year, but finally I have my "Snap It Up Sack Gown" in PDF form and ready to go! The first 20 flew out of my etsy shop this past week and I hope everyone who purchased one is having fun sewing!

The pattern includes the choice of vneck or roundneck, long sleeves or no sleeves and you can choose to mix and match fabrics to your hearts desire!! I LOVE mixing it up and don't think I have made a plain one yet!! If you aren't into sewing, well I still offer them in my zootzbaby shop. I have a whale one and a surfing one up in the shop right now. I should be adding more in the next month or so.

And while we are talking shop, I haven't said this, but if you ever see something on the blog that you would just love for me to sew up for your baby boy, please don't hesitate to contact me through one of my etsy shops. I love custom orders and enjoy working one on one with mommas!

Here are the 2 that are in my shop now:



And here are samples of ones that I have done in the past! You really can sew your own sack gown. They aren't difficult and once you get the hang of it, it sews up pretty fast!!

And there isn't a whole lot of things cuter than a newly bathed newborn in a sack gown and beanie!!






Here is the link over at my etsy shop if you would like to purchase a pattern. Use the code BLOG10 to save 10% off of anything in my zootz and zootzbaby shops!

I hope everyone has a Happy Friday!! I am working on a couple of custom orders before heading to a family reunion on Saturday and the beach with family on Sunday!