Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beanies for Baby
I realized tonight after Tristan went to bed, that I had nothing new to write about sewing wise for the blog. The quickest functional thing that I know how to sew, and one of my boys' favorite things, is a beanie. I have made my 7 yr old Noah, so many beanies, I really have lost count of them all. He loves a beanie especially when the weather turns cold.

So I dug out my scrap bin and set to work cutting out a couple of beanies for Tristan. This is my own pattern, one that I have sold on etsy once upon a time. I made it up when I couldn't find a pattern, years ago for Noah when he was about 2 years old. Beanies from preemie size up to adult, my almost 17 yr old son loves them too! You can do the lip of the beanie to turn down, like I have done here or it can flip up too.

The first one I cut from some hard to find Japanese super hero fabric. I have some more of this and now that I see the beanie completed, Tristan must have a whole set made from it. Very cute! And the other beanie, made from a tiny scrap of my now non existent Batman and Robin knit, sewn with the serged golden yellow thread face up. Just to add some funk!

These are so easy to do and I had forgotten how much fun! Seriously both were cut out and sewn in less than 20 minutes. Hows that for instant satisfaction??

For now I have pics on the floor, it's late. Tristan is thankfully still sleeping so I have no model. And my coach is about to turn into a pumpkin, oh wait it's now past midnight, Cinderella must go to bed! Good night all, happy sewing!

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