Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organization 2011!

I USED to be very organized when it came to my sewing space. A place for everything and everything in it's place, yep, that was my motto when it came to my sewing studio! BUT, along came Tristan and I seemed to have derailed the organization train somewhere on the tracks! I hadn't thought about it really until another sewing mama had posted about her sewing space. I took one good look around me and realized WOW! where did my tidy little corner of sewing Heaven go to??

I am now determined to take the next couple of days and clean whenever I get the opportunity. I know I will feel so much better afterwards and my creativity always goes into overdrive with a clean studio! So here I go!!

Here are some before pictures to let you know how bad it is. YES, I realize it's probably not the worst sewing studio on the face of the Earth, but for me, it is really bad.

Here is outside of my sewing studio where the scrap bucket has spilled onto the floor in attempts to find great scraps for Tristan projects!

My cutting table, holds scraps that I have coveted for Tristan. Lots of ideas no time to sew them!

And this is a view into my sewing studio.

Here is the floor in front of the wall shelving, too much fleece here. Need to purge some. All of the bins on the floor, well those are supposed to be neatly organized and on top of the shelving unit. Which now has this pile of denims and cords that I have no place for.

This is my current projects rack, also the place where I keep the tees that I find to be recycled. You can see that it has spilled over onto my thread storage. The top shelf holds fabrics that need to be purged.

My chair, now full, no place to sit. This is supposed to be empty so when one of my kiddos needs to talk to me they have a place to sit!

What a mess! Hopefully the next time I post the mess will have dissappeared for good!


  1. Good luck cleaning up your studio! I need to get busy myself, my baby is due in less then a month and I'm still in the process of setting up the nursery and cleaning out my studio.

  2. OH that sounds like me just 5 short months ago! Of course, I thought I had 4 weeks left and instead it turned out to be just 1 week since he came early!

    I still have gotten no further than his crib bumpers and sheet!