Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011

As I sit here tonight pondering the events of 2010, I am grateful for all of life's changes this year. We welcomed our newest(and last baby) into our family while at the same time grieving the year anniversary of my dad's passing. Life and death, you can't have one without the other, one brings so much joy and the other so much pain and sorrow. I hope that my little guy, Tristan David will grow up to be as great a man as his namesake, Grandpa David. And I find myself hoping all of the time, that like the song, there are holes in the floor of Heaven and my daddy is looking down on all of his kids and grandbabies, grinning ear to ear as he watches over them. I try not to take my loved ones for granted and let them know how much I love them on a weekly if not daily basis. My #1 goal this year, LOVE more and LAUGH often with my family.

I know that I have not been a great blogger lately, I am sorry for that. My #2 goal this year is to blog more often. I still find the time to sew, but haven't found the time to blog about my sewing. Tristan is still very fussy, colic is not our friend right now. He is right over 4 months, so I am praying that time does heal all wounds and he grows out of the pain he is in now. Thankfully he does great at night time, so I am able to sleep, a really sanity saver! I have so many projects that I am working on, so many new fabrics and ideas! I can't wait to share them in 2011!

And my #3 goal this year, lose the rest of my weight and stay healthy! I do not want to be a stick, but I do want to live long enough to see my great grand children one day! I know that means that my diet needs to get even better! My walking trail needs to get longer too! I am down 50 lbs of prebirth weight, yes I was fluffy before becoming pregnant! 30 more and I will be doing the happy dance!! I know that I can do it, I just have to give myself a big push for the New Year!

And now I am off to watch the Rockin' New Years show with my 7 yr old, Noah. He is super excited about bringing in the New year, he has yet to stay up for one! But this year he says is his year!

I hope that everyone has a very blessed New Year full of family and good friends! Lots of sewing too!

And because I can't resist here is Tristan at 4 months. He is wearing an AI2 that I made him from the mosaic moon diaper pattern(I will post more soon), love this one. Love the PUL print that I bought off of etsy too, I wish I had more! Oh and the beanie I crocheted him before he was born. He is my blue eyed chunk of love! Happy New Year everyone!

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