Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's a Gymboree Blanket, oops, no it's a Romper!

I have made tees from Gymboree blankets before, but turning them into rompers has me on the lookout for more cute blankets!! I even seriously considered purchasing some boutique really expensive blankets, just so I could cut them up into rompers(I restrained myself, or rather my buy it now finger!).

Super cute and very easy to do. I just love the way they turn out each time!! I have a couple more that I hope to get sewn up in the next week or so.

Here is the octopus one that I showed the other day for Tristan's first trip to the beach. He loved the water AND the sand!! I had fogotten how much fun it was trying to keep a baby from eating sand at the beach!!

1stBeachtrip-11 months-1

 Some sandy baby toes, cause I just can't help but think they are the cutest!


And the little airplane romper! I even matched it with cute little engraved airplane snaps!

Airplane Romper



Tristan is wearing his first pair of real shoes in this one! I have to hide them from him. They are squeakers and even though he can't walk yet, he will bounce up and down just to hear them squeak!! They were his dad's idea!

Tristan 11 months-2

Tristan 11 months-1

Hope everyone has a Happy Sunday!! Hubby is off today and has promised me hours of uninterrupted sewing time, yeah!!


  1. You are a could sell these and make a fortune!! So cute, if only I could sew. :(

  2. Thank you for the compliment! Unfortunately companies are coming out with less and less of these adorable blankets!!

  3. Do you have a pattern you use for your rompers? They are all darling!