Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sew Many Rompers! So Little Time!

I'm not sure exactly how long a baby can get away with wearing rompers. I have tried to remember how long Noah, our 8 yr old wore them. I think maybe at the age of 2, but not after 3?

Anyway, I plan on putting Tristan in them for as long as possible! I just adore them. So comfy and cute! I am definitely on a romper kick lately. He doesn't have much but rompers I'm afraid. I reach for them as soon as they are clean and when I go to sew, that is usually what I choose to make.

Here is Tristan at 7 months old in a romper that I attempted. It turned out a little big, but totally wearable. He still wears this one at 11 months old!
Tristan 7 months old-1
                        The other day I did another Jetro romper for him from my favorite punky fabric. I think I showed this one, but I love it so much here it is again!

      Skull Romper 10.75m-3
Then I made an alien romper like the vintage car one. I made some slight modifications to it and it fits better than the other one did.
Alien Romper
Tristan-alien romper almost 11 months-1

Next, I decided to make it longer and used a knit that I purchased from spoonflower. (Brief intermission here: The knit is so incredibly soft, the knit was really expensive, the knit washed out horribly the first wash, Spoonflowers customer service was excellent,I would not hesitate to order from them again, but probably not knit).
Robot Romper

Robot Romper-3 days shy of 11m-1>
Then tonight I put together a shorts romper from a gymboree blanket that I have been saving. We are going to the beach tomorrow and it will be the first time for Tristan! I love this one and can't wait to put it on him tomorrow!
Octopus Romper

Have a great Sunday!!! Happy sewing!

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