Thursday, July 14, 2011

Snap It Up Baby Sack Gown Pattern

Finally My Pattern!

It has taken me about a year, but finally I have my "Snap It Up Sack Gown" in PDF form and ready to go! The first 20 flew out of my etsy shop this past week and I hope everyone who purchased one is having fun sewing!

The pattern includes the choice of vneck or roundneck, long sleeves or no sleeves and you can choose to mix and match fabrics to your hearts desire!! I LOVE mixing it up and don't think I have made a plain one yet!! If you aren't into sewing, well I still offer them in my zootzbaby shop. I have a whale one and a surfing one up in the shop right now. I should be adding more in the next month or so.

And while we are talking shop, I haven't said this, but if you ever see something on the blog that you would just love for me to sew up for your baby boy, please don't hesitate to contact me through one of my etsy shops. I love custom orders and enjoy working one on one with mommas!

Here are the 2 that are in my shop now:



And here are samples of ones that I have done in the past! You really can sew your own sack gown. They aren't difficult and once you get the hang of it, it sews up pretty fast!!

And there isn't a whole lot of things cuter than a newly bathed newborn in a sack gown and beanie!!






Here is the link over at my etsy shop if you would like to purchase a pattern. Use the code BLOG10 to save 10% off of anything in my zootz and zootzbaby shops!

I hope everyone has a Happy Friday!! I am working on a couple of custom orders before heading to a family reunion on Saturday and the beach with family on Sunday!


  1. Yay!! I have been looking forward to this pattern!! I just bought it! Thanks!!

  2. Your welcome Tricia! I'm sorry it took me so long to get it out there! I hope you enjoy sewing gowns from the pattern!

  3. Hi again, was just wondering if you still do this pdf pattern, it days no longer available in your etat shop and I would love to sew up some if these, thanks

  4. Sorry that was meant to say etsy shop lol