Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rocket Bottoms Diapers

I had the pleasure of trying out a diaper system over at sewing divas for Rocket Bottoms diapers. The pattern contains a 2 step system, 1 size for smaller babies newborn to 20 lbs and then another step for larger babies 20 to 40 lbs. Tristan was a little less than 20 lbs when I tried it out, so I went with the step 1.

I have made 3 of these so far, with plans of more soon! They fit Tristan great and they are super easy to sew up! I hadn't used foe(fold over elastic) before this, and it was pretty easy. I also had never used a pocket diaper, but found it to be pretty simple to sew and to stuff!

For the 1st 2 diapers I used foe, touchtape(hook/loop), pul outers, fleece hidden and microchamois inners. The system includes directions for snaps to adjust the rise, but because Tristan was on the high end of the weight chart I left those off. I have seen pictures on newborns though, and they seem to fit really well with the snaps and touchtape!

Here is the first attempt, turned out very usable and I still use it now!



 And the 2nd one. I didn't have a lot of my skull pul so I just put embellished tabs on this one! One of my favorites!


 For the last one I decided to try snaps instead of the touchtape and the fit was still great! I also made it an ai2 with a lay in countoured soaker. Added a sleeveless lap tee from the most recent summer issue of Ottobre. I love elephants!!



You can find the rocket bottoms pdf pattern on etsy and hyenacart! Krista has also came out with a one size fitted and has another pattern in the works!

Now off to sew!! I just received new beautiful interlocks in the mail yesterday, they are washed up and ready to go! Woohoo can't wait!!

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  1. Hi there, just wanted to say your diapers are amazing... I really love your pirate one, I have just got my rocket bottoms patterns and can't wait to try them out x