Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Beginnings of my Fitted Stash!

Still sewing along here although my sewing time is growing shorter by the days and hours. I have just 2 months to go, but starting to get the awful ankle swelling. Really putting a damper on my sewing time!

I decided this past week, that I really need to get serious about sewing up some diapers! I have dreamed at least twice now, that baby comes and I have to use a girly fitted that I made to put on his bum!! That must mean I am not close to being ready.

So I have sewn a few Darling Diapers before, the first was a girly one, turned out okay, the next one was the froggy one, and then a space invader one. While they are all probably usable, they look really squishy to me. I tried another this week with minky on the outside, terry for the hidden and suedecloth for the inner. I call it my squishy mess! It is supposed to go with my ducky gown, but I thinked I goofed somewhere!

Then I tried the Sprout Snap diaper. This is a one size fits all diaper that is really cute! While I love how easy it was to sew up, I think even the smallest size may still be too big for a newborn babe. However, I really do like the style and I think I may do some of these for when little boy gets to be a few months old or so.
This one is a free pattern, here ya go!

By this point, I am feeling a little frustrated. I just knew there was something out there that would be easier and more fun to sew. I had seen a lot of mamas at Diaper Divas sew up some great looking diapers and I kept seeing La-Di-Da mentioned over and over. Looked up the site and purchased the diaper. I am so glad that I did!!
You can find the pattern here, only $8, which I think was well worth it!

For some reason this one is much easier to sew for me and always comes out looking right. Even my 1st attempt, another ducky diaper, did pretty well. I have sewn 7 of these so far, but I have lots of fabrics and ideas for more. I think I am on diaper overload though having sewn 8 in 2 days, so I am going to cut out some matching tees and gowns and have a diaper break for a few days.

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