Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Surf Baby" Sack Gown

Couldn't resist doing one more of these. I really do love baby gowns! Decided to take pictures as I went along, seriously thinking about turning the pattern into a PDF. I want to offer some options though, so I need to make another one tomorrow and see how it works out.

I think the options will include round neck or v-neck, facings(like shown) or binding, and then the sleeves can be binded, cuffed or hemmed(like shown).

Should have the pattern all worked out tonight, hopefully version B will work out well. I will let you all know soon!

I chose a Baby Lulu fabric "Surf Baby" for this gown, added a matching stripe and solid for the back. Couldn't have it boring, so I had to have some orange at the collar to "pop"! Added some cute little metal snaps, which thankfully I am getting better at. Took much less time than before. And of course, a knotty hat to top it off!
I wanted to see how other fabrics worked, last time I used interlocks for the duck gown. The lulu knit was a rib, though not super stretchy, the stripe was a jersey and stretchy! They did fine, but I did have to pay much more attention to not stretch the gown fabric while I serged and coverstitched.


  1. You mix and match everything so terrifically!!

  2. Thank you so much for the compliment! I have always enjoyed mixing things up some!