Monday, July 5, 2010

What a Hoot! Sack Gown

Finally had a go at the v-neck version of my sack gown pattern today. I think it sews up easier than the round neck one! No messing with facings on this one, just binding around the entire front and sew it all up!

This owl fabric has to be one of my favorites at the moment. Just love the teal, orange and brown colors together. I think this could probably be considered gender neutral even. I satin stitched the owl to the front of the gown using my favorite Singer 503a machine. Old machines really do work best for me and "Lorraine" comes through everytime!

Added a knotty hat to top it off along with the matching La-di-da diaper(shown last post) and this baby boy will be ready for a good night's sleep. OR will he be a "night owl" like his sister and brothers before him?? Only time will tell, but at least he will look cute either way!

Have your own night owl that needs a gown and knotty hat set? It just so happens I sewed 2 up and will have one available in my hyenacart store this Wednesday for purchase at 2 PM EST.

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