Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Little Hoot Tee!

Still here sewing away, just slowing down a little. I have so many things left to sew and have 7 weeks left as of tomorrow. So I guess I need to be speeding up and not the other way around!

I added a few gowns to my etsy shop in the last week or so and I am happy to say they flew right out the door! Makes me pure giddy to think they will be snuggling a new little babe very soon! I was able to take my paypal and buy a crib last week that arrived this weekend. Just a few more things to do to our room before we are ready to install it. I think hubby is off on Thursday so that is first on his honey-do list!

Meanwhile I have stalked the isles of the local JA's to find the perfect fabrics for a crib set. I didn't anything too babyish, but didn't want too luxurious either. I think I may have picked out a great in between! My plan is to start next weekend on the bumpers, quilt, skirt and fitted sheets. Hopefully I will like the end result!

I did find some time today in between cleaning and my afternoon nap to cut out a lap tee and download an embroidery for it, to match one of baby boy's diapers. I haven't used my embroidery machine in months, so it took a little while to change out everything and get going. I also saw a great embroidery/applique sight mentioned over at sewing mamas and I can't wait to sew up some of her designs. The blog is actually in Spanish, but can be translated near the bottom. I will add the link over on the left.

This little owl that I did today was a freebie, but I don't remember where. I have had it in my embroidery folder forever just waiting on something to put it on. I was a little upset at first because the design did not stitch out perfectly. To be honest, I am not sure if it was my skills or the digitizers, thankfully the ruggedness grew on me and by the time I was finished with the tee I was very pleased with this little owl.

More to come in the next few days! Enjoy your week everyone!!

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