Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Munki Cheese Toast Story!

I am posting this on my blog hoping some poor mama that has this in her stash will feel maybe just a little sympathy for my plight and sell me just a couple of really small squares!

Long ago, okay maybe 3 or 4 years ago, I was lucky enough to purchase a full yd of Munki Cheese Toast cotton/lycra knit by Heather Ross!! I know I paid an unreal price, but I was on cloud 9. It felt like a dream, and I stalked the mailman for several days and finally it was there, I could touch it! Seriously, it was one of those fabrics that I put on my fabric wall, in plain view, so I could walk by and just pet it!

Soon after I bought an embroidery machine. My first task was to go about digitizing a piece of cheese toast so I could make my Noah a tee. It was my first attempt and in my opinion, I didn't too bad of a job. Here is a pic, yes, I saved this on one of my albums. I have went to delete it several times, but just couldn't make my finger hit the button!
Now for the horrible part! I showed Noah and he didn't like it! Didn't want it made into a tee for him!! When I showed my mom(another avid seamstress), she said great embroidery, but why would you want to make that, it's horrible! Horrible??? Did she not see this great piece of fabric, with the coolest color combination ever???? And so my fabric sat, just curing on my shelf.

Fast forward a few years, we buy our first home and hubby loses his job. Desperate to make ends meet, I start selling off prized fabric from my collection. My mom(I do love her by the way, she is my best friend), says have you sold that ugly fabric?? Ugly fabric, I didn't know there was such a thing. Yes, she says, that toast fabric that is so hideous! Well no, I was holding onto that one. Why? Don't know, I just love it.

So you guessed it. I went to my shelves and sadly sold off my entire yd to another mama. I even threw in the tee front that I had embroidered for Noah, that sadly he didn't want any part of. The thought of it going to someone whom I knew was going to appreciate it helped me get over my withdrawal and made me feel a little bettter about the situation.

So that brings me to today. I can not get this fabric out of my dreams. I know I'm sad. Dreaming about Cheese Toast fabric! I can just imagine the cutest diaper cover with an embroidered piece of toast on the bum and a little lap tee with a square of Cheese Toast sewn onto the front.

So I am begging from collector to collector, mom to mom, woman to woman, anyone out there have just 2 squares of Cheese Toast they could spare? They don't need to be big, just 1 square w/cheese toast, 1 square of the toaster. 3, maybe 4" squared, really little, you want miss it.

I will sew for you, trade with you, paypal you, love you for life! Anyone??


  1. hey mama....I was reading SM and linked over ot your blog (and just noticed the JA ooga for the free pattern link. noticed your plea...

    I actually have a patchwork pixie T I bought ages ago when my first son was small. he wore it a few times before it got too warm and he got too big, 2nd son wore it a few more times, and it was used by meghan's daughter originally....was used when i bought it.
    dark brown with a digitized toaster on the front, with munki sleeves, raglan. size er...98 I believe?

    It's def going to be too small for my son next winter. heck, it was too small this really. he's a 5-6 and it's like a 3T....
    have been debating what I wanted to do with it...give to my sis for my niece, sell, etc. hadn't decided when I read your plea...
    if you are interested, I can take a pic...

    i'm basylica on SM