Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Going on Safari for Baby!

This set was based solely on one of my favorite PRR(painting red rhinos) fabrics. I tried to sell this fabric last year, thinking Noah was too old for it. I'm so glad that it didn't sell because I just love this print! I dyed it using the tropical green with a little sunflower yellow mixed in, both Dylan dyes. I like how the color came out, almost exactly the shade I was going for. Picked out a cute seersucker plaid out of my stash along with a few other solids and stripes that I thought coordinated well.

I did some of the same patterns from ottobre that I used on the froggy set. I did make a few changes as I went along.

For the jon jon pattern(3/2007), I made the facings smaller this time around and they fit perfectly now. I think for the next one, I am going to add extra fabric at the crotch so I can add in snaps for easier diaper changes. I paired this up with a red tee with a monkey appliqued onto the sleeve. I had a great applique drawn up of the safari truck to add onto the jonjon, but then I noticed how well it goes with my all-time favorite PRR print with the sea creatures. So I have left it plain and plan on using it for mix and match with my next set. I love how easy this jon jon is to sew up!

I couldn't resist doing another striped romper! Same pattern as the froggy striped one(1/2009), modified at the shoulders and this time I added extra length to the back of the crotch. I think it worked much better where the snaps meet up. I have decided the next time I do this to omit the binding at the crotch. My coverstitcher just doesn't like all the layers, so I am going to add plackets the next go around.

The diaper is a QSFW that a mama over on Diaper Divas created the pattern for. She has a great tutorial and pattern over there.

Great site to join if you are interested in sewing your own cloth dipes! This picture is of the inside when the diaper is all laid out. Really fun to sew and easy to dry I would think!

Then I decided to make some quick mix and match tees and shorts. Both tees are the ottobre pattern that I cut down to fit a smaller little guy(3/2009). The shorts are the baby ahoy shorts(3/2009), with all the pockets left off this time around. Just plain and simple!

Now I think I'm ready to dive into something else. I have a few more patterns marked that are a little trickier and time consuming. I may have a try at those in the next few days. I also have a diaper bag pattern that I have been wanting to have a go at! I think I will go West!


  1. Great job. I haven't made the Ottobre JonJon but I have made them from different patterns. I always line JonJon's and simple dresses. I think it is so much easier then facings.

    You are going to have the best dressed baby on the block!!!!

  2. Thank you for the compliment. I think I have done one in the past with lining, I may have to pull out that pattern and have a go!