Thursday, June 17, 2010

We are Expecting a BOY!

First let me start by saying that this baby, though very unexpected, is very much wanted and loved. From the moment I suspected, I have loved this child with all of my heart and soul.

We are as of today a family of five. My husband has a daughter that will be 22 this August, I have a son that is 16, a daughter that is 14 and together we have a son that just turned 7. We are very blessed to have so many great kids and I know that this one will be no exception.

Here is the 1st picture taken of our little one, this past January. Looks like a tiny bean! It's always such a great feeling to see that little flicker!

We were asked to do a level II ultrasound this time around because I am now 35 and because our AFP blood test came back positive.

So this past Friday, the 11th, I went with our 7 year old Noah, to get one done. Noah was sure this was a boy, in fact, he wasn't settling for anything less. I went in just praying please Lord, let this baby be healthy. Both of our wishes came true! And now I have this picture to look at, wondering what color will your hair be? what color eyes will you have? will you look like me, daddy, your brother, your sister? But as they say only time will tell.

Now we are having the name dilemna. When you have this many opinionated people under one roof, there are bound to be different ideas. Hopefully by the time he makes his way into the world, around the 6th of September, we will have a name ready for him.

For now, we call him "Squirt". It's mine and Noah's nickname for him from about the time I was 13 weeks along. It seems to fit just fine for now.

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