Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sack Gown for Baby's Hospital Stay!

I have been looking all over for a great gown pattern and had finally settled on the ottobre version from 5/2006. My one problem was the gown snaps at the shoulders only and didn't look that easy to get on and off a newborn. Then I remembered a gown that my mom had bought the other day for the baby. It snapped up the middle and looked easy enough, comfy too. So I set about trying to eyeball it and draft a pattern without cutting the thing apart. I am hooked!! This was definitely the easiest gown that I have put together for a baby. I did mine a little different than the one that I was trying to mimic, but I LOVE it!

At first, I was going to just grab any old fabric and then I eyeballed the rubber duck fabric. Great for baby, a really soft interlock knit and I just happened to have a striped interlock that matched it well. And before I knew it I had added an applique of the duck with cotton terry because I thought it needed to be gussied up some. Satin stiched the duck applique on my trusty Singer 503(her name is Lorraine), coverstitched the facings down and the ribbing for the collar, and stitched it up! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Oh, and then I added some metal snaps with my trusty press(I think He needs a name too!). I sewed up a knotty hat to match and bam! Sack Gown for Baby while in the hospital. I am now debating whether I need a matching diaper.

Now I sit here trying to think of what fabric I can use for another one. I know that I need quite a few because gowns are one of my absolute favorite things on a newborn babe. Nothing like giving the baby a bath, putting on a fresh gown and snuggling!


  1. I have been enjoying everything you are sewing for your baby. I just ask that when you are done you take a pic of his cabinet drawers and closet with everything mama made inside lol

  2. Aww, thank you so much! Yes, I will definitely have to get a picture of the closet when I am all finished! Right now I have it all in my sewing studio, but I am running out of room!