Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Countdown! 9 Days to Go!!

Oh I can't believe my baby boy will be 1 in just 9 days!! I am not prepared for my last little one having a birthday already!! Seems like just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital, only to wait all day and then end up with an emergency csection. This last baby boy has been nothing if not challenging right from the start!!

My other 3 were all such wonderful birth stories, this one not so much, but oh the end result!! Doesn't matter how they get here right? just as long as they arrive happy and healthy!

I will never forget them bringing him in the next morning and placing this little tiny ball, all 5 lbs of him in my arms! He was so tiny, my husband and I weren't sure what to do with him or how to hold him without breaking him!

I think I am going to cry! "1" is such a big number and yet it's not! Hoping to get in a little sewing this week for baby boys big day. I am thinking a Seuss birthday party!!

Here is a new diaper that I finished this past week. It is a PUL diaper made using scrappy pieces. I promise to show a tutorial once I get settled again!



Oh yes, forgot that part! I am in the middle of remodeling our whole 1st floor, so the sewing room is a little broken down at the moment! I will show you just how broken down!! Oh and I have just a "little bit" of fabric thrown in the living room! Hows that for fabric hoarding!!! But oh the new floors!! They are worth everything that "I" have put into them! Thats right this little red hen has done every board right by herself!! Who says women can't do everything??

Everything all ripped out, padding going down!
My fabric! Waiting for me I guess to reorganize everything back into my studio! Yikes!
My new floors!! Love these!!
Now off to organize!!


  1. You put in the floors yourself??? Super Mom!! way to go!

  2. Thanks! Yes I have found when you are on a budget you learn to do things that you never thought you could!