Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting Too Big For His Diapers!

Tristan turned 7 weeks old yesterday and I think the newborn diapers are becoming too tight for his little butt! I can remember sewing the LDD Newborn size and thinking no baby of mine will ever fit in these. They looked so tiny. And then Tristan appeared early and was too small to fit into them for the first week or so! We are on the last snap setting and I think the legs are becoming a little tight on his thighs that are beginning to show a little chunk!

For his 7 week picture I decided to sew up some pants with the butt panel on the back. I adapted a Burda pattern and went to sewing. Before long I had a cute pair of little flannel pants! The next go around, I need to adjust the butt panel a little, make the rise a tad longer and make the legs a little less fat. They were still very cute though and oh so comfy too!

Here are a couple of pics that I took yesterday of him in his froggy tee and dipe that I made before he was born. Love the frogs!

Today, my baby boy decided to take a long afternoon nap. I ran to my studio and got to work cutting into some of my new hemp terry and bamboo fleece. I used the darling diaper newborn(the bigger one) and cut the outter layer of hemp terry, hidden of bamboo fleece and the inside of microfleece. For the soaker I used 2 layers of the bamboo fleece, 2 of the hemp terry and the top microfleece. This diaper weighed 6 oz. by the time I finished!!

I think it has to be my best serged diaper yet. I read somewhere this past week that you should put your knife down when serging the diaper. Duh, why hadn't I thought of that! Works much better!! I have also figured out that if you topstitch around the very edge of the diaper, BEFORE you serge it saves you a lot of headache. Much easier and way less stretching out going on!! And I managed to find the microfleece at Target!! They had blankets that were 66" x 90" for less than $5! Wowee! What a bargain!

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