Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Festival....16 Yrs Later

Today was the McIntosh 1890's Fall Festival. My mom, her sister and me would go every year when I was a young girl. Rows and rows of booths set up with so many wonderful crafts! At the age of 19, I took my 1st born. Over the years, it seems that many things have changed. Cross stitch used to be the big thing way back when and now it seems that jewelry and purses may have taken over! For my 7 yr old the rubber band gun booth was a big hit. Gone is the day that a rubber band gun was operated by a clothes pin! Now there are fancy mechanisms that allow you to shoot 7 or 8 without reloading! And instead of one style there were at least a dozen to choose from.

But one thing hasn't changed.

My baby boy wore the same patchwork vest that I had made for his brother to wear to the festival 16 years ago. Dustin was about 9 months when he went and WAY chunkier than Tristan, so I added a little elastic to the back of the vest for a better fit. I also decided that Tristan needed a new pair of jeans to go with the vest and at 7 AM this morning, I thought an embroidered tee was in order for the day too!

So after all the preparation, all the sweat, Tristan slept the whole time and I didn't get one pic at the festival!! What a bummer!

I did take some pics this afternoon at home. Hopefully next week we will visit the pumpkin patch and Tristan will stay awake long enough for some pictures then.

Oh and here is a pic of my now 16 yr old a weekend or so ago. It was his first Homecoming Dance and his first dance taking a girlfriend. Hold on to the memories mommas because they grow so fast!! My chunky little baby is now 6 ft tall and has lost his chunk!

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