Monday, October 4, 2010

6 Weeks Has Come and Gone!
I am not doing very well at updating here, I apologize. My baby boy is extremely colic-y right now and it is everything I can do to keep up with the housework. I am trying to throw a little sewing in here and there. I can now understand what I have always heard about babies with colic and how hard it is for the mamas. It's so hard to see your baby hurting and not be able to do much, but hold and try and comfort him. I hope this doesn't last too long for my baby's sake.

I did manage to embroider a antipill fleece soaker from the katrina soaker pattern. It would be perfect for Halloween, but I forgot to size up, so it will be too small for Halloween. Probably throw this one in the store.

I did a Batman set after that, with a Katrina soaker and matching lap tee from Otto. I love this set on my little guy, but it won't fit for long the way he is growing! I appliqued the bat symbol on the butt and then on the tee, using some repurposed fabric for the sleeves. My big guys love this set on him! I love the easy wash and wear of the anti pill soakers. I think these may take the place of my wool soakers. They are cheaper to make too and I love all the color and print choices!

And then there are a couple of sets that I have shown before, but they are oh so much cuter when they are modeled! And I have to throw my little brotherly love picture in here too. Noah is so ready for Tristan to be able to play with him, but for the moment he will have to do with a kiss here and there!

I am happy that I was able to send off 2 tees that were my end of swaps with a couple of sewingmamas! I was so happy to get them off to the post office, I forgot to grab a pic or two! I hate when I do that.

Now I am off to work on a purse that I have needed to get done for far too long. I have it all cut out and most of the interfacings too, but need to get sewing! I must use every second that I have while baby boy sleeps! Have a great week!

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