Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kindergarten Sewing for my Baby Boy!!

Tristan is starting Kindergarten Soon!

Yes, my baby turns "5" in just a month! And with that comes Kindergarten a week later. My last baby is starting school. I can't believe it!

Looking back, it has been 3 years since I have blogged. That seems unreal to me. I guess facebook takes up most of my nights after sewing is finished and the kids are in bed. I am trying to remember to Instagram things too, but I have a hard time with that one.

I started this blog because I wanted to share with others the great adventure of sewing for a little boy. So much fun! Therapeutic even. I haven't sewn a whole lot for my little man in the last year or two. Except for Underwear! He pretty much lives in those around the house. Too busy with my sewing business. However, I have vowed to make most of his school wardrobe for Kindergarten. I will try and remember to come over here and post.

I asked Tristan last night, what kind of tee shirt do you want me to sew you tomorrow. "A Super Hero" he said. So I am happy to oblige.

Since I have stopped blogging this great new world of custom knits has come around!! Oh, the days and nights of searching ebay for some great knit is over! I am in so many custom groups over on facebook. I try not to really know how many! I am afraid they shake all the leaves off of my paypal money tree each week.

One of my absolute go to places for new fabrics, Pink Zeppelin!  The owner is super sweet and her fabrics are beautiful! The quality is amazing! Rivals any European knit out there. I used to prefer sewing with euro knits, not anymore. Most of the time, the custom fabrics are heavier and the inks are so vibrant.  These washed up beautifully! And panels! oh the panels. I love them all!

I'm not too much of a pattern girl. I take your basic raglan pattern from Ottobre magazine and I just make it do what I am looking for at the moment. I call this one a simple pocket tee. It features characters peeking out of the rounded pockets. Tristan loves his pockets and this made a big one.

Tristan let me take a few pictures today, but he really doesn't hold still. Not the easiest person to take pictures of lately. If you would like to sew up something for your little boy, you can find the fabric here.

Pink Zeppelin Boutique

So that is 1 shirt added to our back to school wardrobe! Now to sew a bunch more!

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