Monday, July 27, 2015

Another Pocket Tee... Scooters!!

I adore this little euro knit! I have a special place in my heart for scooters. My dad bought my brother and I a pair when we were younger. We rode them all through the woods at my grandparents home during the summer. Lots of fun times!!

Tristan's bedding was the Mona Luna scooter fabric. I adored it! Sad day when I took the bumper pads off and made it into a toddler bed.

Paired the scooter fabric with a stripe and star print. I love mixing it up! Hoping my little guy will love this one just as much as I do!

close up of the pocket and the back. I don't normally put the print on the back too, but I love it!

I made some pocket hoodies last week. Tristan was kind enough to model one for me after bath time the other night. I love this style! Sadly Tristan doesn't care for Ewoks much, but I thought it was pretty cute!

This hoodie has the kangaroo pocket at the bottom. It was a lot of fun to design. I used 3 panels, 2 on the hoodie and 1 for the pocket peekers! Love characters peeking out of the pockets. This fabric was really nice to work with. Great weight. You can find it over at the Fabric Geeks! They still have panels and fabrics in stock!

Fabric Geek Store

Close up of the hoodie and pockets!

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