Friday, August 24, 2012

Tristan is "2"!!!

I know that I haven't posted in months! We have been keeping very busy this summer! The kids are all doing well. My oldest is now in COLLEGE! Wow! My daughter is in 10th grade, our middle son is entering 4th and the baby boy has just turned 2 this past weekend!! I can't believe it! I have been sewing like a madwoman! I am happy to say that my upcycle are doing well on facebook, so my sewing machine is humming happily! Lot of things to show, but for tonight, I will just share some pics of my baby boy in his birthday set.
The lap tee is from ottobre. I patchworked a tee that I just loved that was too small for the front with some fun knits. The back is also patched together and then I appliqued a 2 for my baby boy!
And I couldn't just make him a tee, so I made some shorts too. This was a self drafted pattern that I drew up for Tristan when he was 4 months old! I just added a bit to the rise and it was still good to go!
All of the fabrics in this set were from tshirts with the exception of the rib knit on the collar and the brighter green interlock fabric. Some of the same fabrics that I used in Tristan's 1 year set!
Thank you for letting me share my baby boy with you this past 2 years! I will try and post some more things in the next few days.

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  1. Tristan is "2"
    I am also admired of these kid's clothing and this is exactly for winter days.