Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Posting Twice in 24 hours, Unheard Of!

Well why little man is taking a nap, I will post a few more things I have finished recently. Lots of different tees.
This one was a collaboration with Fairy Blue on hyena cart, Angela does beautiful yarns!
Some Mickey tees that were sent off to the UK!
A teddy tee that was part of a collab with Tanya of Dear Husband to match a newborn set she did with Mojito colorway.
A cute appliqued snail tee to match MM Crawl colorway and a fun Mickey scrappyteez!
This was a fun cotton terry diaper that I did for Tristan a few weeks ago. I did another one today, but I don't have pics uploaded yet. This one is so trim and so absorbant!
Up close pic
Another scrappytee with one of my favorite superhero prints. Just found more of this print last week, so excited because it is one of my favorites ever!
A robot fitted for Tristan from an imported french terry robot fabric. Just scraps left, oh I wish I could find more of this one! Pattern was baa baa baby also on hyena cart. I just took off the seam allowance and serged instead of turning and topstitching. So soft inside, love the turquoise velour!
robotdipe3 robotdipe1
Some flutterteez I will have these in my shop on the 3rd of June for the little girls, up to about a size 5 I think.
Another scrappyteez, this time with Angry birds. Just got some more of this print too, so excited!!
A cute little fleece shorties set, I don't think this one sold. Such a shame the imorted robot fabric is the cutest!!
Okay, time to cook dinner! I think I have even more to share, but first I must feed the children who are ALWAYS hungry!!


  1. Hello there! I found you through a google search on the Fishsticks pattern. I'm having my 5th (a BOY!) and wanted to sew lots of baby clothes. Anyway, I combed through your entire blog, and I can't believe how talented you are! Everything you make is so professional looking! I was in awe your sewing techniques. I just purchased a coverstitcher, and to be honest - I am completely intimidated by it! Did you alter the Fishtsticks pattern at all to coversitch the trim on the Jamie Jumper? I'd really like to try doing it that way, and I am totally new to knits. I've always sewn with cotton so I feel like a fish out of water! I love your diapers also, after 3 girls it's time to revamp the cloth diaper stash as well!!

  2. Thank you Amy F! You are so sweet!

    Most of my baby things were sewn with Ottobre patterns, they are my absolute favorite to sew with!

    It's been a long time, but if I coverstitched then I probably added just a .5 inch or so to the hem.

    There is another jumper in Ottobre that I liked way better than the fishsticks one, I think I listed it here somewhere. I did quite a few rompers in it, the seuss one, guitar one, monstes, etc...

    Good luck with your sewing and congratulations on your upcoming little man!!

  3. I really like the stripped diaper! What pattern did you use?

    1. Thank you, I didn't use a pattern for that one,just traced a diaper that I had that fit him well. Still working on making it a little better for us. Still a little bulky between his legs. Made it an ai2 last night and it's so trim, but forgot to take width off between the legs!

  4. Miss your posts!! I was looking for a way to email you from the blog but couldn't find it...anyway, can you email me about making some custom shirts? Thanks!


    still sad I missed out on being your BFF when I was living in Ocala...seemed like there was nothing there when I was there!

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