Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Owl Diaperbag

I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted!! Believe it or not, I have been working on mine and Tristan's diaperbag almost the whole time. Diaperbags are pretty intense, at least I think so. I have made lots in the past and don't ever remember it taking so long to cut out, iron, applique, sew, etc., etc., etc...

So I had envisioned a beautiful owl diaperbag made with the twill that I found at Joann's in the Fall. After deciding to use a pattern instead of winging it, which is what I usually do, I settled on Butterick 4560. Not a bad little pattern, the instructions were pretty clear, the size is a little big for me, but hey, what's done is done! I did substitute magnetic purse snaps instead of velcro like the pattern called for. I also extended my flap just a little in the front because I needed more room for my owl to perch upon his branch. Oh, and I did 2 elastic pockets all the way across inside the diaper bag.

I wanted to use applique and I wanted corduroy fabrics too, problem though, I didn't have one that I loved that matched the twill well enough. So I ran out to the store, bought some dye and went about changing the white fabric that I had to a light shade of bluish turquoise. I love the shade!

So many hours later, I have a diaperbag. And hopefully it will be the last one that I have to make. Well not the last, but I don't want to do one for a while! I also did a simple changing pad that folds into the back pocket and a wet bag lined with PUL for those yucky cloth diapers! I am ready to go somewhere now!!

I started with these fabrics
and they became this!
I will end this post with a picture of my chunk of love that will be 6 months old this Friday!! He has 2 little teeth coming in on the bottom, aren't they cute?? And because this should be sewing related, the beanie peeking out was made by me as well as the minky lovee perched atop his little head!

If you want to check out other bags that I have made in my past life as a bag maker, haha, you can see them on my flickr here.

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