Saturday, November 13, 2010

Girly Sewing! Oh and Santa too!
Every great once and a while, I love to take a detour and sew something with a girly fabric. This owl knit happens to be one of my favorite fabrics right now! So much so, that I have contemplated making me a tee out of it, but my kids would not approve! I opted not to sew for me, and instead made a sack gown and romper for the shop.

And then I just had to get a little boy sewing in there somewhere, so I finished up a pair of fleece longies that I had embroidered the other day. Love this candy cane stripe fabric!
And now I am off to bed, where I should have been hours ago! Why is it, that when the little one sleeps, I can find a million and one things to do instead of sleep too??Good Night!!

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