Thursday, November 11, 2010

12 Weeks Old and Loving it!

I haven't posted much lately. Seems like I either have a few minutes to sew or to blog and I have been choosing sewing. My baby boy turned 12 weeks yesterday. He has outgrown almost everything that I had made. Weighing in a little over 12 lbs now, he has more than doubled his birth weight. He is our little chunk of love!

I have slowly began sewing a Small size diaper stash, but I am finding that I am not happy with what I have sewn so far. I LOVE the minky diapers that I made, but the Ladida Smalls are really getting too small already! The Darling Diaper smalls however, fit about perfect with room to grow. Makes me seriously consider doing one size diapers the next go around.

My new love, fitting in great with the Fall weather we are having, anti pill fleece longies. So much fun to make and they work great over fitted diapers. I have sewn up a few for Tristan and added some to my etsy shop too. Just in time for Thanksgiving, I have some adorable Turkeys reading to go out the door and to your little ones bum! Link to my etsy is on the left! I have 3 gowns to put into the shop too. Tristan never wore all the ones I made, I think I have an owl, an ooga and a surf sack! Those will go in tonight or tomorrow!

I am also in the middle of reorganizing my pattern collection. Well my tracings mostlly. I was not happy with the way they were stored, so I have a new idea in the works. Just need a few hours of uninterrupted peace to make it happen(yeah right!, like that is going to happen!)

At night time I have been going through all of my ottobre magazines and writing down the baby patterns from each issue. I have made quite the list! Much nicer to reference when I am looking for a certain style without having to flip through magazine after magazine. I will type it up and add it to the blog when I have finished it. Maybe someone else will find it useful.
Here is the first fall outfit that I sewed up for Tristan. My friend from Australia sent me sleeves that had been removed from a tee. They were just big enough to get little sleeves out of a sz 62 ottobre tee! Yeah!! Love this and found cool koi embroideries at DK. The jeans were self drafted going by baby boy's measurments.

And here is a picture of baby boy in his skunk costume this Halloween, very unhappy little skunk! His sister is the ladybug in the middle. I would love to say that I made this, but truthfully it was purchased at it goodwill, brand new for 3.99, can't beat that! Thanks goodness too, because he wore it all of 30 minutes before we took it off.

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