Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shorties with a Matching Tee!

Not much sewing this weekend! I did finally get a chance to sew up a lap tee for my baby boy that matches a pair of wool shorties we received this past week. Gorgeous earthy colored shorties from mylovebugshop on etsy! I just adore these, they are beautifully knitted and the colors are just wonderful!
I thought at first I would do a tee with an Earth on it, but then decided a tree was in order. Couldn't decide what kind of tree, so I just sat down with the heat and bond lite and started drawing, hoping that it would work itself out! It did and I just love it on my baby!

I am really enjoying making tees to match woolies!! I need to send off some yarn to have some longies knit up for Tristan for winter!

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