Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lots of Upcycles in my Etsy!

I have been busy recycling this past week! One of my favorite kinds of sewing!! I have so many thrifted tees that need a new home and upcycling turns them into new creations!

I love sewing for little boys, but sometimes little boys don't like wearing things that are custom made after a certain age. Upcycling seems to solve that problem! In my experience most boys love a character printed tee! I never cared for them, but once they are upcycled they look pretty cute!!

Here are just a few that are up in my shop! I will have a few more by the weekend. Trying to start stocking a wide variety of sizes from bitty babes to big boys 10/12!

Marvel Super Heroes!
Patrick Star!

Lots more! Feel free to click my etsy ZooTZ link to see the rest! Off to sew now, Tristan is in a good mood this morning so I hope to get a lot done!

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