Thursday, August 26, 2010

My New Little Love!
August 18, 2010, Tristan David is born! It was a long day, starting out with my water breaking at 8 AM when I woke up and ending with an emergency csection around 9:30 PM. Everything that had went so well in my previous 3 births, went the opposite with this one!

I have now learned to expect the unexpected and that sometimes no matter how hard you tell yourself I can overcome this, well it's just not possible.

I told myself that a csection would never happen with me. I do really well during labor and cope with pain enough to get me through. My 1st labor was under 3 hours, my 2nd about the same and my 3rd was an induction, but lasted only 7 hours from start to finish. This one was over 12 and ended the way I never thought it would. Sometimes we can't control things and this was just one of those times. When baby boy's heartbeat fell to around 65 or so, I knew that my baby was the most important thing in this world at the time, and life would go on as long as he was healthy. So at 9:58 Tristan came into this world weighing a whopping 5 lbs. 5 oz. and around 18" long. Healthy and pink, but a little bruised from the trip. I told everyone that he reminded me of Rocky Balboa for the first 24 hours, a little beat up, but a winner!

Tristan had a slight bit of jaundice and spent 24 hours under the lights on his 2nd day, but we were able to come home on Saturday. I now have a new appreciation for any woman that has underwent a csection. I have always taken for granted how easy it was for me to bounce back from natural labor and how quickly my body healed. THIS is a whole different ball game! I am just glad that it happened to me during my last labor because I'm not sure I would have ever gotten pregnant again if it had been my 1st! But now after a week, slowly things are beginning to feel a little better.

I know you are expecting great pictures of Tristan in his mama made, well sorry. All of my babies have weighed over 8 lbs and had a little chunk to them when they were born. I expected nothing less from this little guy. In fact, the doctor had told me just 2 days before birth that I was having a larger baby. Guess Tristan fooled him! My mom came to the rescue and stopped to buy some preemie outfits on the way over to the hospital.

So we will have to grow in to all of our mama made. I do have 1 picture of him in a Jamie Jumper that while too big was cute just the same! I have pages marked in my ottobres as I type, preemie clothes are on the way! Just need to feel a little better first!

Tristan's bed set, well, I finished the bumpers the night before I went into labor. They are so cute! I dare not show them without the other pieces though, so as soon as I get the skirt and blanket finished I promise some pics! And sometime today I have to sew up some breast pads and some flannel wipes. Those are at the top of my list! Must haves!

Now I am off to steal some sweet kisses from my sleeping bundle of love. He is such a good baby and I'm not just saying that because he is mine. He really is! I have gotten lucky for the 4th time in a row and have decided not to push my luck anymore. I am officially happy with 4 of the best kids that a mama could wish for.

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