Friday, August 6, 2010

1 Month Exactly!

I am still here! I can't believe it has been over 2 weeks since I posted. I have been nesting away, but not sewing as much as planned. I look around and see so many things that I would like to do before baby boy arrives. We have exactly 1 month as of today! That doesn't seem long, but yet, when he is trying to stretch out inside my tummy it seems like a lifetime of waiting!

Top on my priority list, make the crib bedding. I bought Monaluna's beautiful new Monaco collection to make the bedding, have it all washed up, sitting here, but I am afraid to cut into it! Silly I know! I keep tossing ideas around of how I would like it to look and they seem to change frequently! Must come up with a design soon and stick to it. Hubby has had the crib up for a week or two and it looks plain naked!!

Second on the priority list, more diapers, preferably smalls. I think maybe this baby boy will outgrow his newborn sizes lickety split, so I could really use more smalls. I have about 6 fabrics picked out that match onesies the kids and I printed last week. We finally tried our hand at freezer stencils and oh my I think we are addicted. They turned out so cute, but they really need to be hemmed into tees and they need diapers to go with them! Pictures to come very soon I promise!

Third on my list, I need to make up some trifold soakers, wash clothes and wipes. That just seems really boring, so that is perhaps why I haven't gotten around to it yet. However, diapers are no good without soakers, so I really need to push it up on the list!

Can't have a post without pics, so I will show a few of the upcycled tees I put on ebay last night. I usually throw them in my etsy shop, but I figured hey why not give ebay a little of my hard earned money. I haven't listed over there in so long, it took me forever to put up 9 auctions! Trying to trim down my tee shelf in the sewing studio, so I decided to make some money while I did it and turn them into unique tees! I am really quite addicted to sewing these and Noah my 7 yr old just loves to wear them too! I make the tees in boy sizes 2-8, they are all one of a kind and I'm told, fun to wear!

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