Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe it is already Halloween! This year has gone by so fast. The kids are already pulling out the magazines and looking for toys for their lists!

I have been knitting so much, but have made some time to sew too! Made a couple of fleece sets for my baby boy.

This one has a lap tee that is made with one of my favorite japanese knits. I just love the pow that I appliqued on the butt too! One of my favorite sets to put on Tristan!
I pulled out an old navy tee that I had forgotten about buying! That is the problem with buying ahead! Put together some fleece pants to match and added a BOO to the butt. Great set and I love it on him!
And trying to lift the pumpkins!
I hope everyone has a great Halloween! Tristan is going to wear a lion costume that my mom made over 17 yrs ago for my first born. Each of the children have wore it and this year is Tristan's turn. I will post pics this week!

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