Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Little Chunk!

Tristan turned 5 weeks old yesterday and his 1 month appt. was this past Monday. His nickname has been "Peanut" because he weighed only 5 lb 5 oz and was such a shorty. But after his 1 month weigh in, he needs to be called "Butterball"! Our little guy is now 8 lb and 8 oz, wow! That's great news for me because everything I made before he was born should start to fit around now.

Today he is wearing the owl lap tee that I made with the matching Sprout Snap diaper. The diaper is still a bit big on the small setting, but at least we will be able to enjoy it for a long time!

I drafted a wrap top this week, raglan style and the good news is that it fit. The bad news, I think I made it too small and I don't like the wide sleeves, so I need to redraft it. It matches a DDU serged diaper that I made last week.

And finally I had to sew up another romper for him to match his personality. Yes, my little sleeping angel has at times become a little monster! Gone is the newborn sleepy phase! He is fighting to stay up longer during the day and then fighting not to sleep later on in the evening. Hopefully this too will pass!

Off to cut out some PUL diapers! We are outgrowing our Ladida NB's and I think I am going to do mostly darling diapers newborns for now(the bigger one).
I added a long sleeved version of my Newborn Romper to my etsy shop. Perfect for anyone's little monster from about 7 to 9 lbs.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time Flys When You are Having Fun!

Tomorrow my baby boy will be 4 weeks old! I just can't believe how fast the world is spinning! He has been a little fussy this past week so not a lot of sewing has gotten done. Slowly working on some roman shades for my living room, did I say slowly, think turtle pace.

I did have some time to sew up another jumper. I lengthened it just a tad more this time and used some of my Aussie guitar knit. I just love this fabric!! Thank goodness I have more. Here is a yawn and a picture of Tristan trying to like his swing(he doesn't).
And just because I adore these fabrics, I picked some up and sewed a girly one. Mind you I have no one that to give it to, but it sure is cute! I think maybe this will go into my shop. Sadly it has a flaw in the owl fabric that I didn't notice until I was putting snaps on. So I guess I will have to make it a 2nd and discount it deeply. Hopefully someone having a small little girl will adore it as much as I do!
Off to sew a little while my baby boys catches up on his sleep!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 Weeks Old Already!

Just when you think you have a routine established the baby boy decides it doesn't work for him! I haven't gotten very much sewing done this week. Tristan has decided to stay up a little more during the day and take a little longer to nurse. I did manage to cut out a new pattern yesterday and sew it up during nap time.

This one is the wraparound romper from ottobre 3/07. I decided since the smallest size was 50 to trace without seam allowances on the sides and even took the sides in some too. I didn't like the thought of wasting all that great fabric underneath where it crosses over so I altered the pattern to just snap up where the two meet. I just layed my pattern pieces on top of each other and traced the curve adding an inch or so for me to turn under for a facing. Worked great! Thankfully too, because I used my prized Seuss knit that I had saved from a blanket that I bought a couple of years ago. I just adore this one! I already had a matching LDD diaper too!
And just for cuteness sake here are a few pictures of diapers that we have worn this week. Most can be found on my blog, but I think modeled pictures are so much better!! These are a mixture of Ladida NB and Darling Diaper NB. I think the bottom one with the minky is my favorite at the moment. I think I need more minky!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Starting to Sew Again!

This Wednesday Tristan turned 2 weeks old and I am starting to feel like a real person again! We are slowly getting into some kind of routine with just the two of us here during the day while everyone else is at school and work. As soon as I put Tristan down for a nap I run into my studio to cut something out or sew something up! Oh, and throw a load of wash in too! I forgot how much more laundry a baby can make!!

This week I traced some otto preemie patterns and tried a few free tutes too! Issue 6/07 has some great preemie patterns, I tried out the wraparound jacket and the jumper. The wraparound is a great pattern. I made a 45 and Tristan is a little over 6 lbs now, fits him great! If anyone does this one, for this size I used ribbing that was 44" long for the top.

The jumper pattern was a different story. The first time around I did it as they wrote it and what a pain!! If anyone tells you that binding, corners and a preemie size is a great idea, they are fooling you!! Horrible to coverstitch, the curves are just too small and really curvy for a coverstitch machine.

So the next attempt, I decided to cut out a facing instead. Super easy just trace the top of the jumper. I did a simple zig zag stitch on mine for topstitching. This was a much better method than the binding, trust me!

I also tried out the free XXS Comet Tails diaper pattern. I really like this one. It is very SMALL though, so unless you have a peanut this probably isn't the dipe for you. I had to put the diaper on the 2nd setting for Tristan. I may just enlarge it a little for the next time.

Oh and before I forget, I tried out the freebie breast pads too. LOVE these! I made 2 pair the other day, but I will definitely need a couple more. Great pattern and super easy to sew up!! The inside is a bamboo fleece and the outter shell is PUL. Very absorbant and the bamboo fleece is super comfy against the skin!

I made these little shoes to match the outfit above. I cut them out without the seam allowance AND took a bigger seam allowance, but they are still a little too big. Very cute though and they don't take but an hour or so to sew up from start to finish.

I hope to have a few more things to share from this weekend! I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day!! Happy Sewing!!