Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 Weeks Old Already!

Just when you think you have a routine established the baby boy decides it doesn't work for him! I haven't gotten very much sewing done this week. Tristan has decided to stay up a little more during the day and take a little longer to nurse. I did manage to cut out a new pattern yesterday and sew it up during nap time.

This one is the wraparound romper from ottobre 3/07. I decided since the smallest size was 50 to trace without seam allowances on the sides and even took the sides in some too. I didn't like the thought of wasting all that great fabric underneath where it crosses over so I altered the pattern to just snap up where the two meet. I just layed my pattern pieces on top of each other and traced the curve adding an inch or so for me to turn under for a facing. Worked great! Thankfully too, because I used my prized Seuss knit that I had saved from a blanket that I bought a couple of years ago. I just adore this one! I already had a matching LDD diaper too!
And just for cuteness sake here are a few pictures of diapers that we have worn this week. Most can be found on my blog, but I think modeled pictures are so much better!! These are a mixture of Ladida NB and Darling Diaper NB. I think the bottom one with the minky is my favorite at the moment. I think I need more minky!

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